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p>One year when I was spending the Christmas holidays with relatives in Sweden, the daughter of the family took me for an evening drive to the nearby metropolis of Jönköping. We drove aimlessly up and down the utterly deserted streets of the pretty town where they rolled up the streets at night, and then my restless cousin popped a cassette into the car’s tape deck. Suddenly we were in California, listening to a mellow radio announcer catching us up on the summer’s hits and the latest traffic report.

My cousin had been an au pair in California, and used to relive her memories by listening to her taped radio broadcasts. Fast forward

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twenty years: to keep up my language skills, I regularly drive around listening to news podcasts which I have downloaded to my iPhone from the websites of Swedish and Norwegian radio. Assuming you have a portable device for playing podcasts, with a minimum of effort you can enjoy daily news updates and give your language skills a workout.

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