On finding translation clients — and being found

p>A couple of resources on marketing for freelance translators have caught my eye this week. Doug Lawrence has added a subgroup for freelance translators to his Selling

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Translations group on LinkedIn.

I also just caught up with Corinne McKay’s excellent list of theories about direct clients. I actually wouldn’t call them theories, as the piece is a series of observations learned over time. The point that struck me and has also provoked the most discussion is “Many direct clients will find you, rather than the other way around.” This has caused me to rethink what I am doing and to make sure that I am putting my energy into the right areas.

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One Response to On finding translation clients — and being found

  1. Thanks for the link, Alice! I think that there are a couple of issues at work: most translators do not do enough “pull” marketing (writing articles targeted at translation clients, writing their LinkedIn (etc.) profile in language that potential clients can understand) and most translators do “push” marketing in ways that are too scattershot. I’m as guilty of these sins as the next translator, so I’m now experimenting with putting together an actual database of clients and potential clients and sending out some marketing pieces every few months.