Working under the business name Saga Language Solutions, Alice Klingener provides high-quality translations from Swedish and Norwegian into English. She also proofreads and corrects English prose written by her Scandinavian clients. Alice works with several leading Scandinavian companies, translating both internal company materials and documents meant for external publication such as press releases, websites and financial reports. Saga Language Solutions is located in Massachusetts, USA.

Business background

Alice has an extensive background in business and technology research. She was previously employed as a Senior Research Librarian in the investment department of American Express Financial Advisors, where she evaluated and licensed desktop information products and worked with securities analysts, portfolio managers, and AEFA strategic marketing staff on their research. Before AEFA she was with a technology consulting firm, working with engineering and business clients on real-time online literature, trademark and patent searches. Alice employed her background in online search in the search engine marketing and optimization field (SEO). Alice has also worked in the burgeoning organic foods industry and is familiar with sustainable business.

Linguistics background

Alice is fluent in Swedish, and has a good working knowledge of Norwegian. She began learning Swedish at the age of fourteen, and lived in Sweden for two years while studying at Linköping and Uppsala Universities. She has a BA in Linguistics and an MA in Germanic Philology. Alice taught beginning and intermediate Swedish while pursuing her MA studies at the University of Minnesota.